Episode 11

Published on:

15th May 2023

Guest: Brian Blueskye, Entertainment & Culture Journalist

He's got a pretty cherry gig for a guy who was a banker in Cleveland, Ohio and blindly moved to California not knowing if that might work out. Initially a contributor to the Coachella Valley Independent, he would later be the personal-pick of renowned columnist and culture writer Bruce Fessier at The Desert Sun as his replacement. Brian Blueskye found himself in the coveted role of reporting on events that included the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Stagecoach, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and other concerts and special events taking place in the region for both the Desert Sun and its national parent - the USA Today Network. Then, along came the pandemic. Suddenly, he was responsible for tracking and reporting on infections and casualties. Definitely not what he signed up for. On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar, Brian talks with Patrick Evans and Randy Florence about the jump from banker to beat reporter, surviving COVID-19, the state of journalism, and his passion for music and entertainment living in a community where options have just exploded!

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