Episode 17

Published on:

26th Jun 2023

Guest: Fred Bronson, Music Journalist & Writer

On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar the guest is Fred Bronson, who was shamelessly used by co-hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence. He may know more about American music charts than anyone else... ever! He’s been writing about them for Billboard Magazine for almost 40 years. Fred is also known for the multiple books he has authored about popular music, or his multiple appearances on American Idol (which he wrote for) or his time working with Dick Clark on the American Music Awards and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve.

As you'll hear, Randy wanted to talk about the lunch date Fred had as a youngster with Connie Stevens. Patrick gets kinda giddy as Fred talks about the Star Trek episodes he wrote, and the time Captain Kirk told a young Fred Bronson to get the hell out of the makeup room! And, they also get their guest to tell the story of being a model and stand in for Jack Webb (of Dragnet fame) as a small child. 

Recorded from the corner booth at the center of the Coachella Valley universe, Little Bar, it's another entertaining and hilarious podcast!

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