Episode 8

Published on:

24th Apr 2023

Guests: Tim Gross & Melissa Neiderman

He grew up in Santa Barbara and she was raised in Upstate New York. Both would end up on a pathway that brought them together years ago in the Coachella Valley. Tim Gross is a veteran musician who has been most active playing the keyboard for Rick Springfield all around the world. Melissa Neiderman has been nicknamed the Palm Springs Princess as her philanthropic community involvement has been overwhelming. She has been a major mover-and-shaker in many organizations and particularly the efforts of the American Cancer Society Desert Spirit. As this weekly episode is released, Neiderman and Gross are producing the 5th Annual Lip Sync for a Cure with an all-star cast taking place at the Palm Springs Cultural Center on April 29th at 6 pm.

Husband and wife share great stories from their adventures, their families, and the entertainment industry with Randy Florence and Patrick Evans at Skip Paige's Little Bar in the center of the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert.

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Hosted by Patrick Evans and Randy Florence, get up close and personal with fascinating people who live in and visit the Coachella Valley and have made an impact on the region's economy, culture and global appeal as a leading tourism destination. You'll also learn how specific music has made an impact in the lives of each guest.

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