Episode 12

Published on:

18th Mar 2024

Guest: Kate Zenna, Actress, Writer, Musician, and Animal Welfare Activist

On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar, join hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence as they introduce you to the extraordinary Kate Zenna. A multi-talented film and television actress, musician, producer, and animal advocate, Kate shares her inspiring journey on screen and behind the scenes. From her acclaimed podcast, The Good Life, to her music with Pointe Claire, and her work that’s aired on major networks including CBS, CW, Netflix, ABC, DISNEY, CBC, ABC Family and Showtime, Kate's creativity knows no bounds. Hear about her upcoming film project shot in Idyllwild that explores the healing power of horses, especially for veterans. With her passion for rescue dogs and responsible pet ownership, Kate's stories will warm your heart. Tune in to discover the many facets of this Canadian Academy Award nominated actor at Skip Paige's Little Bar – the Center of the Coachella Valley Universe.

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