Episode 2

Published on:

11th Sep 2023

Guest: Michael Childers, Renowned Photographer

In every part of the creative industries, there are icons. This week's guest, entertainment photographer Michael Childers, is one of those giants!

Imagine you’re a film student at UCLA. Kaye Ballard introduces you to the famous movie director John Schlesinger. That first meeting turns into a decades-long relationship. And that first meeting also results in a job as photographer on the set of Oscar-winning Midnight Cowboy. Where do you go from there? 

This week on Big Conversations, Little Bar, Michael joins hosts Patrick Evans and on a journey that began as a boy when his father gave him his first camera. All these years down the road, his famous photos of celebrities like Andy Warhol, Ann-Margret, Gore Vidal, Natalie Wood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more still resonate with us all. Coachella Valley residents may be surprised at the one celebrity that Michael would not photograph. He also shares details about his upcoming annual Michael Childers Presents One Night Only: Las Vegas - The Golden Age 1950-1970, coming up on November 8th at the McCallum Theatre and featuring two dozen stars from Broadway to Hollywood in a benefit for the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center. Don't miss this episode!

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