Episode 6

Published on:

9th Oct 2023

Guest: Sir Ron Oliver, Screenwriter & Director

There is generally a first for everything on each episode of Big Conversation, Little Bar. On this episode, it is our first visit with royalty. Sir Ronald Oliver (friends may call him Ron) joins hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence at the most famous corner booth in the Coachella Valley. Knighted by the sovereign nation of Sealand, Ron shares that story along with about a thousand others.

You’ve seen his work, either on stage as a magician (though he missed his big opportunity to open for the Rolling Stones) or in one of many Hallmark movies that he wrote and directed, including their most popular holiday shows. Ron has come a long way since his first flick, Prom Night II. Both he and the critics appreciate that. Should you find yourself lucky enough to ever visit Ron’s home, you might find yourself sitting at Frank Sinatra’s Tiki Bar. Patrick and Randy continue to have a truly fun time at the Center of the Coachella Valley Universe, Skip Paige’s Little Bar.

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