Episode 9

Published on:

30th Oct 2023

Guests: John Cramer, Voice Talent & Marc McClure, Actor

Mr. TV Announcer Man and The Daily Planet’s Jimmy Olsen walk into a little bar in the desert. Both think they’re going to eavesdrop on a podcast they’ve been invited to appear as guests at another time to be determined. Turns out, the scheduled guest gets in an accident on the way to the same bar. A joke? No. A movie plot? Nuh-uh. The stars aligning for this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar with Patrick Evans & Randy Florence? Bingo!

Three birds. One stone. An hour of great stories. That’s what happened when John Cramer, the well-known Voice-of-God on Palm Springs’ ABC TV affiliate KESQ Newschannel 3 (and other broadcast outlets around the nation) and Actor Marc McClure whose roles include Jimmy Olsen from Superman opposite Christopher Reeves and dozens of other characters on the blue and silver screens, save the day as a dynamic duo who give up their bar stools for the infamous corner booth.

It turned out to not be a difficult test for Randy, who is typically armed to the eyeballs with show prep, and Patrick who has cavorted with both guests as a man about town. As is typical of this podcast, you and our co-hosts will both hear more than either had ever known before the show was recorded so sit back and enjoy another chapter from The Center of the Coachella Valley Universe - Skip Paige’s Little Bar in Palm Desert because you never know what will happen next!

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