Episode 26

Published on:

28th Aug 2023

Patrick Evans & Randy Florence, Season One Retrospective

Join hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence as they raise their glasses to a remarkable conclusion of Season 1 on Big Conversations, Little Bar. In this retrospective episode, Patrick and Randy reflect on the highlights from the first 25 episodes that have kept listeners entertained, engaged, and sometimes in fits of laughter. From tales that nearly made them do a double take, such as the astonishing Murder Penguins at SeaWorld, Batman's unexpected Tighty Whitey's appearance, to the unforgettable charisma of Ed McMahon in all his glory, the duo revisits the moments that left them astounded. Beyond the stories, this episode peels back the curtain on Patrick and Randy's personalities and provides insight into the origins of this podcast. The tale of how Randy walked into Skip Paige's iconic Little Bar in the heart of the Coachella Valley Universe and sparked the birth of Big Conversations with Patrick is a captivating tale in itself. The hosts also pay tribute to one of their beloved guests, Bill Geddie, whose vibrant presence on the show left an indelible mark when he passed less than a week after the show was released. As Season 1 draws to a close, anticipation builds for the upcoming Season 2, promising more intriguing conversations and unforgettable moments. Don't miss out on the grand finale and stay tuned for the next chapter of Big Conversations, Little Bar!

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Big Conversations, Little Bar
Hosted by Patrick Evans and Randy Florence, get up close and personal with fascinating people who live in and visit the Coachella Valley and have made an impact on the region's economy, culture and global appeal as a leading tourism destination. You'll also learn how specific music has made an impact in the lives of each guest.

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