Episode 19

Published on:

10th Jul 2023

Guest: Brad Parker, Musician

The NBA has a logo. It’s the silhouette of Jerry West. He was chosen because of the wide-ranging impact he had on the game. If modern music had a logo, it’s very possible that it would be this episode’s guest on Big Conversation, Little Bar.

Brad Parker has been a part of the music industry since the 1960s. Not just part of part of it. He’s been a part of the ENTIRE music industry. If you have listened to any music in the last 50 years, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard something of Brad’s. Either a song he recorded, or a song he wrote. Brad lived a life that many of us have heard about, but never experienced. From playing with some of the top musicians in music history, to writing a #1 Country Song. And, everything else that came with that life. 

“Music is Being.” We heard about how music was organic, how the audience was part of the experience. “When you left the induction center, you didn’t go home. You went to the war”. Being a young man during the draft and the Vietnam war informed a lot of the person Brad became. And you’ll hear him tell these stories and so much more. Recorded in the center of the Coachella Valley universe, Little Bar, join co-hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence as they have another fascinating discussion with a true music Icon.

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