Episode 20

Published on:

17th Jul 2023

Guest: Bill Geddie, Award-Winning Network TV Producer

Without question, this episode’s guest on Big Conversations, Little Bar has been one of the most influential people in the Television industry.

Bill Geddie is best known as co-creator and former executive producer of The View. He worked with Barbara Walters for decades on The View and her specials. But his impact was so much more. He is an Emmy winner, a Screenwriter and a recipient of the Daytime Emmy’s Lifetime Achievement award.

His beginning in the Industry was buffing the floors at KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City. Over the years, he came to be speaking with Presidents, World Leaders and Celebrities who wanted their time on Bill’s shows. In this discussion with Patrick Evans and Randy Florence, Bill shares his theories about where the television industry currently stands and where it may be headed. He still believes TV is a personality business and that “Local” is going to be what keeps the industry afloat.

Things went off the tracks early during discussion regarding Patrick’s sausage, but being the pro he is, Bill brought everything back together. Who made the best interviews? Who didn’t? Who was most comfortable? Which stars knew they weren’t ready for Barbara Walters bright light? Bill lets us know! And no matter what you hear on this episode, the Pope is NOT going to be a guest on our next podcast. But join us each week for guests almost as good! Recorded at Little Bar in the center of the Coachella Valley universe!

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