Episode 24

Published on:

14th Aug 2023

Guest: Sue Cameron, Hollywood Journalist

The title of her most recent book, Hollywood Secrets and Scandals, tells you all you need to know about Sue Cameron. Very few were as “inside” Hollywood and the entertainment business than Sue. On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar, hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence talk with Sue about what was happening behind the doors that most of us never got to see.

How did Mama Cass Elliott really die? How did Sue talk Cher, a 15-year old young lady with stage fright out on the stage to perform with her partner, Sonny Bono? Did Uncle Mickey Cohen really provide the backing for Sonny and Cher when they started out? Why did she consider Jim Morrison to be the sexiest man ever?

Whether you listen as a “guilty pleasure” or you just love the history and personalities of Hollywood, this is the episode for you!

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