Episode 23

Published on:

7th Aug 2023

Guests: Lisa Vossler-Smith & Phillip K. Smith III

The Coachella Valley has always had its generational “families” and its true power couples. On this episode, one of these couples joins hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence for another spectacular Big Conversation at Little Bar in Palm Desert. Internationally renowned sculptor Phillip K. Smith III and CEO of Modernism Week in Palm Springs Lisa Vossler-Smith are in the spotlight.

Vossler...Smith…the hands of these families are all over the desert cities. Golf, the La Quinta Resort, the most spectacular country clubs. And Phillip and Lisa continue the legacy.

Arranged marriage? Grand scheme by the families? Who are we to say? However this happened, the Coachella Valley is better for it! Hear more about Modernism Week and its expansion, plus Phillip’s involvement with GoldenVoice and DesertX. These are real desert stories!

And if you’re loving the new vibe of Barbie, you must check out Lisa’s newest creation, PS Barbie on Instagram: @tinypalmsprings

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