Episode 21

Published on:

24th Jul 2023

Guest: Jimmy Francisco, Entrepreneur & Youth Soccer Leader

Jimmy Francisco has spent the past three decades in the Greater Palm Springs community with his hands in a lot of different things that have given him the opportunity to become a friend to many and a jack of many trades.

Originally from New Jersey, he ended up marrying his college sweetheart whose family was rooted in the Coachella Valley and along with his wife they assumed the operation of the family enterprise, Palm Springs Welding. But, that's just one of the many hats he wears. His youth sports program involvement while in San Diego at college came home to the desert with him and he has spent many years leading girls and now both boys and girls youth soccer programs to great success. On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar, Jimmy shares with Patrick Evans and Randy Florence the huge impact he's proud to have had on getting youngsters onto a winning track in their lives.

Francisco is also formerly a talk show host at iHub Radio, a start-up venture that operated prior to and through most of the pandemic. He's also one of THEE go-to guys in the desert cities on Fantasy Sports. Meet this bigger than life home town hero on this episode recorded live at the Center of the Coachella Valley Universe - Skip Paige's Little Bar in Palm Desert.

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