Episode 22

Published on:

31st Jul 2023

Guest: Tod Goldberg, Best-Selling Author

On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar, Patrick Evans and Randy Florence are joined by New York Times best selling author, long time resident of the Coachella Valley, Professor at UCR and full time Facebook troll Tod Goldberg. Tod had a firsthand view of the many colorful characters that built the valley and he’s talking! In his new book, Gangsters Don’t Die, Tod writes one of the most incredible fiction characters you’ll ever get to know, Rabbi David Cohen. And Tod gives us much more about the inspiration of this book, and the moments and people that formed his writing style.

The Tan Man. The Bonanno crime family. Fuddruckers. Tod tells stories about them that will have you simultaneously laughing uncontrollably and also wanting to make sure you’re not standing too close to him if there’s ever a Mob convention in the Desert. Oh….and if you’re a fan of Babe Ruth, you should listen to this episode with caution.

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